Just So I Understand…

Let me see if I’ve got this right…..
– If You Cross The North Korean Border Illegally You Get 12 Years Hard Labor.
– If You Cross The Iranian Border Illegally You Are Detained Indefinitely.
– If You Cross The Afghan Border Illegally, You Get Shot.
– If You Cross The Saudi Arabian Border Illegally You Will Be Jailed.
– If You Cross The Chinese Border Illegally You May Never Be Heard From Again
– If You Cross The Venezuelan Border Illegally You Will Be Branded A Spy And Your Fate Will Be Sealed.
– If You Cross The Cuban Border Illegally You Will Be Thrown Into Political Prison To Rot; and
– If You Cross The Mexican Border You Go To Jail For 2 Years

BUT…If You Cross The U.S. Border Illegally You Get:

1. A Job
2. A Drivers License
3. Social Security Card
4. Welfare
5. Food Stamps
6. Credit Cards
7. Subsidized Rent Or A Loan To Buy A House
8. Free Education
9. Free Health Care
10. A Lobbyist In Washington
11. Billions Of Dollars Worth Of Public Documents Printed In Your Language; and
12. The Right To Carry Your Country’s Flag While You Protest That You Don’t Get Enough Respect

I Just Wanted To Make Sure I Had A Firm Grasp On The Situation…