My love affair with travel

I knew from an early age that I have a passion for travel.  As a child, when family and friends asked what I wanted to do when I grow up, the very first thing comes to mind is to – T-R-A-V-E-L!!!!  I want to see the W-O-R-L-D. 

Fast forward – three decades later…My passion for traveling is still as solid as a rock. I have gone and visited different countries and so many places, but there is one thing that I’ve noticed, I NEVER GET TIRED of doing it! In fact, it is quite addicting. It feels like I am in some sort of competition and challenging myself to the max is something I enjoy. Yes, I must admit…I can be a little masochistic at times but having this type of passion makes my life so alive and meaningful. I also have some qualities which I tend to push myself to the limit just to prove that I CAN DO IT…

When I travel, I could have cared less where I go, as long as it is some place foreign to me.  A place where I can test myself if I can survive and see how far I can go without the help of family and/or friends. I love venturing out into the world of the unknown. I want to be somewhere to observe and to learn. I want to be able to learn from others; their culture and their way of life. Most importantly, to having an enjoyable time and gained tons of experience to share with my loved ones.


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